English Bulldogs

Everything you need to know about english bulldogs. We cover health issues, training, medical care, diet and exercise and much more. If you’re a bulldog owner or if you’re considering buying or adopting an english bulldog this article will be a great resource for you…
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English Bulldog Health Problems

We go in depth about why english bulldogs suffer from such a wide range of congenital disorders and functional difficulties. Learn how to manage your dog’s lifestyle to maximize lifespan and minimize the damage of genetic components.
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English Bulldog Pet Insurance

Any Bulldog owner will tell you that their dog is more like a child than a pet. English Bulldogs are prone to a wide variety of scary health problems that can easily cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, pet insurance can help. Compare English Bulldog insurance now. For general information that’s non-breed specific we recommend reading generic pet insurance reviews by veterinarians instead.

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