Top 20 Supplies for Bulldog Puppies

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Congratulations! on your decision to adopt a lovable, adorable bulldog puppy – now it’s time to get down to business. The business at hand is stocking your home with the essentials you need before your bring your new puppy into it. While we can’t help with the 3 a.m. bathroom cries, chewed furniture or the huge sense of bully entitlement, we can help with a comprehensive list of supplies.

1. Raised food and water bowls.

Bulldogs have trouble digesting food, and leaning down to eat and drink can make the issue worse. Raising the food and water bowls helps minimize the risk of digestive issues and gas while reducing strain on your pup’s head and neck.

2. Harness and leash.

Traditional collars put your bulldog’s neck and trachea at risk when he tugs, lunges or makes a fast jerking motion. A harness not only feels better for your dog, but it will give you more control. Instead of being focused solely on his neck, the force from pulling is distributed across his shoulders and torso.

3. Dog nail clippers and/or Dremel grinder.

Long nails aren’t only unsightly, but they can affect mobility and actually cause permanent deformity. Check out instructions for safely trimming your bulldog’s nails in our Bulldog Nail Clipping Guide. (Link)

4. High-quality wire crate.

No, he doesn’t have to live in there forever. But you’re going to want a durable, sizable crate for potty training and obedience purposes. The crate will also double as his safe zone until he becomes more comfortable in big, open spaces.

5. Rugs or carpeting.

Get ready to cover your slick tile, hardwood, marble or other slippery floors with carpeting or area rugs. Bulldogs have naturally loose joints, causing them to slip and slide all over slick surfaces. The constantly slipping and sliding can eventually cause a breakdown of their joints, bones and ligaments, resulting in injuries and gait issues. Get more non-slip tips in our article on Bullyproofing Your Home. (Link) 

6. Dog brush.

Go for a bristle brush with short, closely spaced bristles suited for the breed’s short, smooth coat.

7. Bed and accessories.

Yes, your bully deserves his own comfy dog bed, sized to suit a growing pup. Make sure the bed fits inside the crate, which will serve as his cozy den. Donate an old T-shirt or other small clothing items so your pup can be soothed by your scent when you’re away.

8. Flushable wipes.

Hypoallergenic, non-soap wipes are a must for keeping your puppy’s bottom clean and prevent infection. Since bulldog’s tails are so close to their bottom, feces will build up in this area if it’s not wiped after every poop. Special dog wipes are available, but they come at a much higher cost without any added benefits to justify the cost.

9. Blanket.

A soft and cuddly blanket can protect furniture, give your pooch a comfy spot or keep out the chill.

10. Safe toys.

A few durable toys make a good start, and a great way to distract your pooch from chewing up your furniture and shoes. Check the toys for safety issues, such as small buttons, balls, beads or plastic pieces that can break off and lodge in your dog’s windpipe. Skip the rawhide. Top choices include sturdy, chewable toys like Nylabones, tug ropes or hard balls at least the size of a softball.

11. Baby gate (or three).

Block off stairways and other unsafe or forbidden area from your roaming puppy. And believe it; your puppy will be roaming! Look for gates that have been reviewed as safe by consumer groups.

12. Sensitive skin shampoo.

Choose a gentle, all-natural, non-oatmeal blend for regular bathing and cleanups as needed. Adult bulldogs do well with a bath every two weeks.

13. Cotton balls.

Cotton balls are handy for cleaning dirt, debris and gunk out of hard-to-reach areas. 

14. Sterile eye wash.

Regularly washing the folds around your bulldog’s eye removes dirt and dried-out discharge. Saturate a cotton ball with the eye wash, and gently rub around the folds, repeating with fresh cotton balls as needed.

15. Dog toothbrush (and pet-safe toothpaste).

Keeping your bulldog’s teeth clean is essential, and not just to kick out bad breath. Bulldogs are prone to heart disease, and plaque buildup that makes its way to your dog’s heart can contribute to serious cardiovascular stress.

16. Vaseline.

A daily dollop of Vaseline rubbed on your bulldog’s nose can help keep it moist and healthy.

17. Benadryl.

Benadryl is the brand name for the drug diphenhydramine, and it can help with the symptoms of allergic reactions. Make sure you choose a form of Benadryl that doesn’t contain alcohol, artificial sweeteners or potentially toxic medications, such as acetaminophen or pseudoephedrine. AZVets says the standard dose of Benadryl for adult dogs is .9 to 1.8 milligrams per pound of body weight. Consult with your vet about giving the drug to your puppy.

18. Potty pads.

Specially designed puppy pads inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria while absorbing liquids several times their own weight without leaking. Place a few in the crate during the early phase of potty training.

19. Identification.

Your new puppy has two identification options: an ID tag and a microchip, and the best practice is to use them both. Attach a sturdy ID tag with your desired contact information to your dog’s collar or harness. You can purchase pet tags online or at pet stores that have an in-house engraving machine. The second is a microchip, which is a rice-sized ID chip inserted by your vet between your dog’s shoulder blades beneath the skin. The microchip contains a code, which you register to match your contact information in a database. Lost dogs are regularly scanned for microchips, which bring up the code that is linked to your info. 

20. Pet stain and odor remove with enzymes.

We’re huge fans of Nature’s Miracle, as it really is miraculous, but you have a variety of brands from which to choose. You might as well go for the gallon jug if you have a puppy, as there is likely to be plenty of little accidents and other messes in need of a miraculous cleaning.

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