English Bulldog Lifespan 

english bulldog lifespan

With an average lifespan of about 8 years, the English bulldog certainly isn’t the longest-living breed out there – but he’s not the shortest-lived, either. Bulldog lifespans can stretch to 10 or even 12 years or more with the proper care and attention, especially when it comes to quickly tending to the myriad health woes for which the breed is known. (Link to health issues post)

Here we’ve amassed a quick rundown on the longest and shortest-living dog breeds to put your bulldog’s expected lifespan into perspective, along with some fast facts and tips for ensuring he has the longest possible life.

Dogs with the Longest and Shortest Lifespans 


  • 15 to 20: Chihuahua
  • 17 to 20: Yorkshire terrier
  • 12 to 16: Pomeranian


  • 5 to 6 years: Bordeaux Mastiff/French Mastiff
  • 7 to 10: Irish wolfhound
  • 7 to 10 years: Great Dane

A Few Fast Bulldog Facts

English bulldogs were once used in bull baiting in Great Britain, bred to be ferocious and impervious to pain. Once bull baiting was banned, bulldog breeders switched gears to eliminate the ferocity, resulting in a lovable, affectionate breed that can’t help but make even the crotchetiest people smile.

While bulldog puppies can be perky, they become far less active in adulthood. A daily walk is still a must to quell the dog’s primal instinct to migrate, but they don’t need excessive exercise throughout the day. Bulldogs do well in an apartment setting without a yard. They are definitely indoor dogs.

Temperate climates are best for the bully, as they chill quickly in cold weather and have difficulty cooling off when it’s hot. Another must is an owner who knows how to lead the pack and be in control, or the breed will take it upon himself to do so – often with results neither one of you will enjoy.

  • Average height: 12 to 16 inches
  • Average weight: 53 to 55 pounds for the male, 49 to 51 pounds for the female 

Dos and Don’ts for the Longest Possible Life

Do feed your pooch a high-quality, all-natural, nutritionally balanced diet (Link to premium food post)

Don’t stick your bully with that crappy commercial food (Link to commercial food post)

Do be proactive with your bulldog’s health, with daily maintenance checks (Link) and regular visits to a vet knowledgeable about the breed; consider pet health insurance

Don’t ignore warning signs or let small health issues morph into large health problems

Do your homework when adopting a bulldog if possible, ensuring he comes from a family line that is not plagued with genetic issues beyond the norm

Don’t let the shorter lifespan discourage you from considering the breed as a pet

One more don’t is not to forget that there are always exceptions to the general lifespan rule. Just ask the beagle named Butch who lived well past the breed’s average 12 to 15 year lifespan to reach the ripe old age of 27. And even if the quantity of years is on the lower end of the scale, the high quality of life you can enjoy with an English bulldog can be enormous indeed.


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