Top 10 Most Irresistible Bulldogs on Instagram

English Bulldogs of Instagram

Instagram’s rapidly growing hashtag #englishbulldogs is more than three million posts strong. We found the Top 10 most irresistible English bulldogs that will melt your heart, induce laughter or simply make your day.

1. Holly Woods


Holly is a princess diva also known as Piggy, Tubba, Chunkster, among other nicknames. Tell Holly it’s time to go outside and she will play dead. Sleeping is one of her favorite pastimes. She will only work for treats. Want her to do a trick? It might cost you a slice of ham, which is her all-time favorite food.

2. and 3. Charles and Grace

charlesandgrace Images:

Charles and Gracie are brother and sister from Massachusetts who are only four months apart in age. They love car rides and exploring the world in the back seat (sometimes front seat) of the car.

4. Hank

hankthe_minibulldog Images:

Hank is a winter baby, born Feb. 6, 2013 in Minnesota, who loves summertime fun. Although he can’t swim, he enjoys life on the lake—riding on the boat or paddle boarding like a pro. In the winter, Hank likes to hibernate and cuddle with his blankets.

5. Winifred

winnietheenglishbulldog Images:

Winifred also known as Winnie is a Northern California bully who love belly rubs, snoozing, snoring, taking selfies and celery—yes celery! She also loves kitties, but they don’t love her. She will run and catch, but warning, she does not fetch.

6. Bane von Künzenstein

banethebulldog Images:

Bane is a gregarious New York City bulldog who has many friends and even a girlfriend. He was recently seen hanging with Hoda Kotb on NBC’s primetime special, “The Secret Lives of Pets.”

7. and 8. Diesel and Stout

dieselandstout Images:

Diesel welcomed little brother Stout about three months ago and they’ve been inseparable since. Diesel also known as Squishyface, Fattitude, Desso, Baby D or Farty McFly, used to beg for food alone, but now he brings along little brother Stout because the adorable power of two is better than one.

9. Obi-Wan Kenobi

kenobithebulldog- Images:

Obi-Wan Kenobi is a San Francisco Giants and 49ers fan. He formed a 2014-2015 fantasy footbull crew. Check it out on Instagram by searching #fantasyfootbullcrew hashtag. At 10 months old and 50 plus pounds, he can run as fast as lightening.  It must be the freeze-dried liver treats that fuel his energy.

10. Calvin

calvin_thebulldog Images:

Calvin is a four-month-old puppy from Minnesota who was swooped up by his parents at 7 weeks old. He already understands the power of his adorableness and has worked his charm to get onto the big bed, only after the second day he arrived home. He enjoys play dates with his best friend Boeuf the shih tzu, but he warns her, he won’t be her size for long.

Have a photo to share? Post your bulldog’s cutest moments on Instagram using the #betterbully hashtag, and we may feature your pup for prizes and free stuff.

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