Feeding Your English Bulldog Puppy


Our favorites tips for managing your English Bulldog puppy’s diet…

#1 Talk To Your Breeder

English Bulldog Puppy Food Cart

Ask your breeder for a nutrition sheet showing you the food he’s been feed, at what quantity and how often. Usually your breeder will give you enough food to slowly transition your puppy into his new diet.

#2 Slowly Switch To New Food

English Bulldog Puppy Eating

You will need to transition your new pup slowly off of his breeder’s chosen diet. Find him an organic, all natural, high protein food (to aid in muscle, bone and joint growth) and check the Nutritional Adequacy Statement on the back of the package to ensure this food is formulated for puppies.

The choice of dry or wet food is yours, there are quality options for both. If you need help making sense of the nutrition labels, take a look at our Bulldog Food Labels article.

#3 Determine How Much He Should Eat

Bulldog Puppy Food Bowl

Keep in mind that feeding guidelines are just a starting point and you’ll need to find your bulldog’s optimal food consumption by trial and error and by observing his body weight.

General guidelines suggest:

  • 20-70 calories per pound of body weight, depending on a dog’s activity level but since bulldogs are quite sedentary and extremely vulnerable to obesity, your dog will most likely require less than what’s recommended.
  • Monitor your dog’s weight and activity level and make necessary adjustments as needed.

#4 Decide How Often To Feed Your Bulldog Puppy

bulldog puppy feeding schedule

Your new puppy will need to eat 2-3 times per day but do not leave his food out for him because this usually results in overeating and every extra pound of body weight puts 50 lbs. of pressure on his developing joints, muscles and bones.

Like humans, dogs are not conditioned to eat the same food at the same time every day. Dr. Mogens Eliasen has been teaching veterinarians & dog trainers for over 30 years and recommends switching up your puppy’s eating habits by varying his schedule and diet. His research has shown that when the type of food and eating time keeps changing, the dog becomes healthier in many unexpected ways.

#5 Add Extras To SuperCharge Your Bulldog Puppy’s Diet 

Extra #1  |  Yogurt With Probiotics

English Bulldog Puppy Food Yogurt Probiotics

Adding 1 tablespoon of yogurt with probiotics to each meal will aid in bone growth and digestive health and most bulldogs love the taste. Low sugar, plain yogurt is the best type for Bulldog puppies.

Extra #2  |  One Teaspoon of Canola Oil Per Meal

Canola Oil - English Bulldog Puppy Food

1 teaspoon of Canola oil added to each meal will make your bulldog puppy’s skin and coat softer.

Extra #3  |  One Hardboiled Egg Per Day

English Bulldog Puppy Food - Eggs

Hardboiled eggs (1 per day or ½ per meal) are a great source of protein for bulldog puppies. They also help build muscle, repair tissue and strengthen hair follicles.

#6 Keep Your Bulldog Puppy Away From These 4 Foods

 Danger Food #1  |  Table Scraps

English Bulldog Puppy Food

Table scraps are high in calories, contain too much sodium for dogs and lack the vitamins and minerals your puppy needs to thrive. Scraps can also throw your bulldog’s sensitive digestive system off and cause diarrhea, stomach pain and other gastrointestinal problems. Not to mention, feeding from the table creates begging behaviors and may make training your new puppy much more difficult.

 Danger Food #2  |  Too Many Treats

Bulldog Puppy Food & Treats

Dog treats should never be more than 10% of any dog’s diet but for puppies, they should be used to reward good behavior. Since treats are never as nutritious as food, use small treats for training so your dog doesn’t fill up before his next meal. Bulldogs are very sensitive to treats and should not be fed what other breeds consume. For a complete guide to healthy treats for bulldogs, check out our all about treats article.

 Danger Food #3  |  Raw Food Too Early

english bulldog puppies raw food

Raw food can be tough to digest for a young puppy. Since your puppy’s immune system isn’t fully developed yet, try and avoid raw food, which can contain harmful bacteria that your dog is not yet ready to fight off.

Danger Food #4  |  Commercial Dog Food

english bulldog puppies commercial dog food

Commercial dog food contains diseased body parts, roadkill, harsh chemicals and the leftovers of sick animals. Commercial dog food has also been known to contain antibiotics, growth hormones and other toxic medical byproducts. Commercial dog food is so bad for English Bulldogs and especially English Bulldog puppies, that we used an entire article to cover it.

#7 Observe Your Puppy For Food Allergies

Bulldog puppy food allergies

What if my English Bulldog puppy is allergic to his food? If you think your English Bulldog puppy has food allergies visit your Veterinarian immediately to avoid potential emergencies and to figure out which foods your puppy can’t eat.

>> Conclusion

english bulldog puppy superman

Avoid commercial dog food, and always opt for natural, organic food instead. Avoid raw food until your puppy is at least a year old so he can properly digest it and if you see any signs of food allergies visit your Vet.

And if you want to add some extra love to your Bulldog puppy’s diet, try hardboiled eggs, Canola Oil and low sugar yogurt with probiotics.

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  1. My English Bulldog eats non-stop and he’s not even 4 years old and already doesn’t like to walk and has trouble moving around. I’ve been feeding hum basic dry food, which he likes but his weight is an issue and it’s noticeably slowing him down. I’m considering trying raw. Anybody have any experience feeding this to their bullies?

    Any advice is much appreciated.

  2. Is it possible for anyone on here to just give me a general idea about how much my 10 week old english bulldog puppy should be eating? I’ve read a lot about Fromm on the english bulldog news forums and wanted to try my pup on their four star food.

    Problem is, they offer chicken, duck, beef, bird, lamb and other meats and I’ve read that some bulldogs don’t respond well to some of those. How do I know which one my dog will respond best to? I’m bringing my puppy home in just a few days so If anyone could help I’d appreciate it.

  3. I feed my English Bulldogs raw. I buy Northwest Naturals beef and beef/bison recipes. It comes frozen in bags of cube bites. They love it and we have not had any issues with it.

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