How To Hack Your English Bulldog’s Diet

english bulldog diet

Hacking your english bulldog’s diet could add years to his life. Your bulldog may have specific taste preferences, dietary adjustments or other food-related issues you need to take into account when selecting a balanced diet. Your vet is an awesome resource for specific food recommendations that best suit your pet, especially if you’re having a tough time finding just the right fit.

A few general tips from Dogster can also help with choosing the ideal food for special circumstances. And no matter what the circumstances, high-quality foods are always the ideal choice.

Diet Adjustments for Special Issues

Age: Senior dogs and young pups typically do better with wet food over dry food. The wet food provides extra hydration and is gentler on their teeth and gums.

Weight Issues: Dogs trying to lose weight require a diet high in protein, which can be found in wet foods and high-protein dry foods. Wet foods have the added benefit of making your pet feel fuller faster and longer.

Health Issues: A number of health issues can benefit from a diet suited to the specific condition.

  • Diabetes: Low-carb diets are preferred, which is generally easier with wet food.
  • Epilepsy: Dry or wet high-protein diets may help reduce seizures.
  • Food Allergies: Common allergies stem from wheat, beef or dairy. Consider trying a dry or wet diet of chicken and rice or duck and potato.
  • Hyperactivity: Low-protein diets have been recommended for hyperactivity, with dry food containing lower levels of protein than wet food.

Why It Pays to Go High-Quality

Yes, high-quality dry or canned dog food is going to cost more than your average, run-of-the-mill food, but your bulldog’s health is worth it. And don’t base your decision on fancy words like “premium” in the name alone. Do your research on the company and check the label to ensure the food does indeed live up to what we would consider premium standards. Elements that make a food high-quality include:

  • Little or no animal byproducts and fillers
  • Organic and/or all-natural ingredients
  • No artificial additives or preservatives
  • Generally high levels of Omega-3, great for your bulldog’s coat
  • Limited ingredients, which is great for dogs with food allergies and digestive issues
  • Manufacturing in small factories in small quantities, enhancing quality control and ensuring health standards are met
  • Taste-tested by real, live dogs, either with in-home tests or dogs recruited for testing purposes who are later adopted out

Keep in mind FDA labeling regulations state:

“Products labeled as premium or gourmet are not required to contain any different or higher quality ingredients, nor are they held up to any higher nutritional standards than are any other complete and balanced products.”

Talk to your vet if you need additional health choosing the optimum food for your pet. Then read the label. Read the label. And read the label again. That’s the only way to ensure your pet is getting the nutrition and quality food he so richly deserves.


Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation.


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