LubriSyn® English Bulldog Joint Supplement

bulldogs joint supplement

About Lubrisyn®

Lubrisyn is a medical grade joint lubricant used to protect against damage to your English Bulldog’s joint cartilage. The main ingredient in Lubrisyn combats joint and cartilage degeneration caused by regular movement, exercise and aging. Lubrisyn also contains potent anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to its anti-aging effects.

Why Lubrisyn® is Important For English Bulldogs

Because English Bulldog’s bones form in unusual ways, they suffer increased wear on the soft tissue around their knees and elbows. This can lead to arthritis, severe pain, limping and serious soft tissue tears.

The majority of respected bulldog vets and breeders recommend daily supplementation with a high quality joint lubricant and Lubrisyn is clinically proven to lubricate dogs joints better than any product on the market.

Lubrisyn has also been proven to not only slow or prevent common degeneration in bones, joints and cartilage. It comes in an oral liquid that works faster and better than powder or pill formulas. As english bulldogs age, their synovial fluid degrades rapidly. LubriSyn slows the friction that eventually causes inflammation and arthritis by maintaining synovial fluid levels.

How does Lubrisyn® work? 

The active ingredient in Lubrisyn (Hyaluronan) converts to synovial fluid which is the single most important substance for joint protection in a dog’s body.

How do I administer Lubrisyn®?

Lubrisyn is clear oil that’s odorless and tasteless so it can be added to your dog’s food without being detected.

How long until Lubrisyn® starts working?

Lubrisyn starts working within just 7 days.

Benefits of Lubrisyn® for English Bulldogs:

  • Cushions your bulldog’s joints to make moving more comfortable
  • Reduces pain by lubricating cartilage to avoid friction
  • Makes being active pain-free, even in old age
  • Absorbs immediately and begins working in minutes
  • Safe and side-effect free.

Lubrisyn® Ingredients List

Active Ingredient: Hyaluronic acid (sodium)

Inactive Ingredients:
Water, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate.

Directions for English Bulldog Use:

Small English Bulldog,
up to 30 lbs
1 tsp (5ml)
Average English Bulldog,
30-60 lbs 
1 1/2 tsp (8ml)
Large English Bulldog,
60-100 lbs
2 tsp (10ml)

Frequency of Use: 

Daily use is recommended to replenish and maintain synovial fluid in joints, keeping them cushioned and lubricated.

Scientific Studies Supporting Lubrisyn®

  • Result: Hyaluronan supplementation results in strong anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Conducted by: Journal of Applied Nutrition.
  • Study Link:

Do not use on pregnant dogs. If your bulldog’s condition worsens or doesn’t improve, stop use and consult with your veterinarian.

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