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Shrinkabulls English Bulldogs
Shrinkabulls English Bulldogs

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Breeder: Shrinkabulls AKA Champ Bulldogs
Address: PO Box 18ChillicotheOH 45601 (No physical address listed)
Contact Telephone Number: 310-463-9599 | 937-344-4309
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  1. I got my little boy bulldog from Shrinkabulls 4.5 years ago. During the first 2 years, he had quite a few health problems and had a few surgeries, although I don’t know that it was genetic or anything the breeder could have helped. One thing is for certain, he was very well adjusted, from the moment he arrived. He was confident, funny, and lovable/loving, which makes me think he was taken very good care of and had lots of positive experiences as a puppy at the breeder before he came to us. I wouldn’t trade him for the world!

  2. Valentine’s day photo of Gatsby (on the right) almost 5 years young. Thanks Shrinkabulls!

  3. Another recent photo of Gatsby, he still looks like a puppy. Cutest Shrinkabulls bulldog ever (in my unbiased opinion)

  4. 1

    Customer service is terrible. Bought a bulldog from them a few years back. Absolutely great dog. No health problems and great personality. Problem was she had a large scar running down her hind leg. This was never mentioned to us by the breeder even though it was quite apparent. I contacted shrinkabulls to inform them, my concern being that the dog had hip surgery in the past and they never responded. I then contacted the BBB and then shrinkabulls called me after the BBB contacted them. At this time they were very rude to me and basically told me they didn’t care about some scar on the dog. Also, the woman, who is the main breeder told me she knew about the scar and that the dog got it from running under a fence. I figured that since I paid them over 3k for a dog they would treat with me respectfully, but that was not the case. Additionally they never offered me any type of compensation for not informing me about the scar, which I had no reason to know existed since I just saw a picture of the dog online and it was shipped to me.

    Anyways, we love our little bully, but I will not do business with this company again based on their non disclosure of the scar and their treatment of me when I contacted them.

  5. I would not trust these people…. Cutest pics of Bulldogs but do your research. Seems like a puppy farm to me. I have been a long time owner of purebred dogs, currently have a Frenchie and boxer. I inquired about one of the puppies and they told me one of the dogs was $18k but that they could fly the dog anywhere next day delivery. First off, that’s a ridiculous price. Also, very concerning…. Considering great breeders really take the time to figure out where the puppy is going and vet the potential owner. If you buy from a puppy farm you are going to end up with a sick pup with lots of problems.

  6. Got my baby Matilda from Shrinkabulls 2 years ago. She’s the love of our lives! Stellar breeder from start to finish and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

  7. 5

    We purchased our English bulldog Matilda two years ago. She is the love of our life! Shrinkabulls is a stellar breeder from start to finish and would not hesitate to recommend!

  8. Purchased a puppy from Shrinkabulls in Sept. Very expensive and a terrible customer experience. Wife and I went to the airport to pick up our puppy and was told the puppy wasnt on the plane. They forgot to send our dog! Wasted time and money with no concern for our time and money we spent getting to airport. Finally got our dog the following week. She has been a good dog but is no way a mini bulldog. She is not quite a year and is 53 lbs. She is well exercised and eats healthy. We love our dog but would never buy from these people again. No follow up after the purchase after spending 10K for a mini that is more like a regular size bulldog. Would not recommend buying your dog from these people.


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