How To Stop Bulldog Farts

bulldog farts

Bulldogs fart. A lot. And while a few farts can be kind of funny, the humor definitely wears off when it becomes an ongoing issue. Not only can the odor be acrid enough to make you leave the room, but it can make your pooch highly uncomfortable. Flatulence is rarely a sign of a severe health problem, and keeping your bully gas-free may be easier than you think.

It Wasn’t Me!

english bulldog farts

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Why Bulldogs Get Gas

english bulldog farting

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English bulldogs have extremely sensitive digestive systems, which puts them in the gassy category from the start. The issue is compounded by their short noses and flat faces, which makes it tougher for them to eat easily. Those that eat too fast can end up with excess air in the intestines, while certain food types can also cause gas if your bully has a tough time digesting it.

Common Gas Culprits

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  • Excess carbohydrates: Many commercial foods come packed with carbs, which contain starch and sugar than can end up fermenting in your dog’s intestine.
  • Other known fermenters: Beans, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and other highly fermentable foods can be behind the issue.
  • Cheese, milk and other dairy products: Yes, dogs, too, can be lactose intolerant. If so, most dairy products can result in flatulence.
  • Other food intolerances: The bulldog’s sensitive digestive system may not take well to other types of foods, such as wheat or corn.
  • Table scraps: No matter how cute your bully looks when he’s eying your dinner plate, handing over your leftovers is typically a surefire way to cause gas.
  • Poor-quality dog food: Organic Pet Digest says low-quality food is the top cause of dog flatulence – which makes total sense. When we humans eat crappy food for days on end, our stomachs can get a little gassy and queasy, too. Check out our Bully Mealtime post on Six Reasons to Avoid Commercial Dog Foods. (Link here)
  • Any dog food that doesn’t agree: Even high-quality dog foods can be to blame if the ingredients don’t sit well with your bulldog. Gradually switching him to a different high-end food may do the trick, although finding just the right one can involve a lot of trial and error. Since protein sources are often at fault, try a food with a different protein source than the one he’s currently eating.
  • Lack of exercise, especially in older bulldogs. Daily walks are a must, even if your older guy is only comfortable going short distances at a slower pace.

Common Gas Fixes

English Bulldog Farts

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In addition to eliminating the common gas culprits, you can try a few other fixes for reducing your bulldog’s flatulence.

  • Top-quality dog food: A well-rounded, natural diet is the best place to start if your dog is loaded with gas. Check out our Bully Mealtime post on Special Issues and High-Quality Foods. (Link here)
  • Fiber: Foods that contain plenty of fiber can be plenty helpful for regulating your dog’s digestive system. These include brown rice, fresh apple, bran, fresh veggies like carrot sticks and green beans, steering clear of the gas-producing broccoli and pals. Mix a bit of rice into his food, or give him apple and carrot slices for treats. Other options include a daily fiber supplement or fiber-rich dog treats and snacks.
  • Herbs: A number of herbs can help improve doggie digestion, including cardamom, chamomile, fennel, fenugreek, peppermint and pimpinella. Over-the-counter dietary supplements geared toward reducing gas can contain a mix of these and other ingredients.
  • Yogurt: Even lactose-intolerant dogs can typically tolerate yogurt, due to the yogurt’s live cultures that assist with digestion. One tablespoon mixed with your dog’s daily kibble may be enough to do the trick.
  • Other: Probiotics, digestive enzymes and Vitamin B complex have also been recommended for dealing with canine gas.

Bonus: Bulldog Fart Shaming Gallery

bulldog farts a lot

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2X Bonus  |  Ruby The Bulldog Puppy Farts LOUD

If your bulldog is into gulping down his food, you can try putting a tennis ball in his bowl so he has to slow down as he works his way around it while he’s eating. And don’t forget to start with the gas-reducing basics: a high-quality diet and a daily dose of exercise.

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